Thursday, 17 February 2011

No More Room For Number Two

How could I begin to describe the pain at being left with nothing to do, no way to influence your surroundings, no path to follow. Being told you are nothing if you’re not “number one”. We live in a true binary now: there are only 1s or 0s, you are either on the top or you don’t exist. Not for us the lie that we are the “salt of the Earth”. No need to pretend that the rulers descend directly from the Gods. Today’s rulers are Gods. They lie and tell us they are “one of us”. As if!
We are hit with the same tune over and over and over again: you too can “make it”, you too can “be a number one”. Never mind that this is increasingly not the case. What people often forget is that the more we believe that “you too can make it”, the less we will believe that “not making it” is acceptable. The more we believe that rising to the top is possible, a matter of trying “hard”, or “following your dream”, the more we will believe that staying at the bottom, with all the “average” people, is, conversely, the result of not trying very hard, not “following your dream”.
But it’s not a matter of “working hard”. It may have never been so, but it’s specially not the case today.

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