Thursday, 22 November 2012

Turn Widdershins - The New Adventure

Hello, my lovely blog. I haven't written here in ages...

See, I'm on a new adventure now. I've started a proper website. 

The mission of this new adventure? To help political activists heal, emotionally and spiritually.

Why? Because I'm realising there is a lot of pain in our feminist & lefty communities. And that is bad for us and our movement.

If we want to build a strong political movement, and if we want political activists to be happy, we need to come up with a way to “do politics” that does not requires us to sacrifice our wellbeing.

If we want to be world changers, we have to find a way to heal our pain; then we can go back to the political world with a new perspective.

The name of this new adventure is “Widdershins”... it's the mystical word for “anti-clockwise”. And in order to get there, you have to “turn widderhins”, ie:

The Widdershins approach to politics is almost the opposite of what you would expect. But I find it's the only one that allows me to think about politics without going mental.

It consists of separating between the “personal” and the “political”. Using one set of ideas to think about the “personal” and another set of ideas for the “political”.


Join me and my imaginary monster as we try to redefine what it means to be a political activist.

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I'll discuss politics as well, sure. But hopefully I'll be doing it from a place of compassion, which may turn out to be more effective than getting mad at each other over who's the “rightest”. 

See you on the other side.