Good Stuff...

This is an ongoing list of good stuff to keep your mind and heart engaged. Read with care.

Interview with Author Mark Fisher on "Capitalist Realism", courtesy of "More Thought". Excellent!
Interview with Derrick Jensen, Writer and Philosopher and all round wise soul, on his latest book "Dreams". Courtesy of "More Thought".


“Beyond Power”, by Marilyn French, solely responsible for turning me into a Radical Feminist
“No Logo”, by Naomi Klein
“The Ascent of Humanity”, by Charles Eisenstein, which contains the truthiest truths in its first half
“Disciplined Minds”, by Jeff Schmidt
“Bridget Jones’s Diary” and “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason”, just because
“Pride and Prejudice” because of course
"The Artist's Way", by Julia Cameron. "A Course in Discovering and Recovering your Creative Self". Does exactly what says on the tin. 


Barbara Ehrenreich, feminist and political writer
John Taylor Gatto, on the history of forced schooling, 
Genevieve Vaughan, feminist writer, author of "The Gift Economy"
Noam Chomsky, linguist and political activist specialized in international politics, imperialism, war and much more.
Derrick Jensen, writer specialized in environmentalism, philosophy, activism, anti-civilization, and more


Mind the Gap, a difunct feminist blog from Cardiff. Contains many links on feminism
Feminist Reprise, a difunct feminist blog. Contains many links on feminism


The Fluent Self, unbelievably useful blog with techniques on how to dissolve "stuck" that gets in the way of your writing/art/whatever. Expect ducks, pirates, monsters, iguanas, chickens and more. All beautifully created to get rid of barriers and fears so that you can do your "thing".
Ordinary Courage, the blog of author and research professor Brené Brown. Deals with courage, belonging, compassion, connection, authenticity, resilience and above all, shame. Useful and beautiful.