Friday, 18 February 2011

Make Room!

I ended up where I am, here, a “radical dissident” because the world failed to make room for me. I tried doing what I was supposed to be doing. I tried really hard. I even went the proverbial “extra mile”. An entire ocean worth of “extra mile”. But I failed to find “my place” because the world hadn’t made space for me. And others like me. It’s not enough to have a system, a society, a human world that only works for a few on the top, and increasingly less so for those who come afterwards. Society has to work for everyone. It has to make room for every single person on the planet. And if it doesn’t, it must be changed. Simple as that. It won’t do to blame everyone who hasn’t “made it”, who isn’t amongst the “top”, for failing to get there. A society that only makes room for a few at the top is not good enough. And if I haven’t found a place it cannot be entirely my fault. Yes, we should all adapt to the group to some extent. But when good, honest, ethical people have to become more corrupt in order to exist in this world, it’s time to change the rules.  

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