About Me

Mary is a wee writer and artist trying to make her way into the world of writing and politics; trying, in short, to write a future for herself. In the game of Political-Do she holds the cards “Radical Lefty and Feminist”, with special tokens of “Anarchy”.

For quite some time now she’s been desperately searching for the kind of writing that tastes like homemade pie with cream: homely, delicious, filling and a regular feature in your everyday life.
She lives somewhere in Britain, but not in London. So you could be forgiven for thinking she lives in a different country altogether. Mary’s been to London. She didn’t like it. Not the kind of place you can enjoy if you have no money.

Mary doesn’t have much money, an expression which here means “she’s quite poor”. But fear not, for she will soon be making some form of living that allows for the frequent enjoyment of curries with naan-bread included. And regular lunches. She’s planning to write books, articles and go around the world preaching to the converted, which sounds like a lot of fun until you face a crowd.

A good portion of her philosophy of life comes directly from Granny Weatherwax’s school of Witchcraft. The main differences being that she doesn’t own a cottage in the woods just yet and has to face the modern world, something that would have made Granny turn back the time in the whole of the World, Disc or otherwise. So Mary spends her days dreaming that she owns a cottage and planning cunning ways to make the dream come true. Her latest plan involves writing.

She's a co-editor of Women's Views on News.

Warning: This section, like everything else in the blog, is “work in progress”, a fancy way writers have of saying “it can be changed anytime”. Pirates ye’ be warned!